Jim Goldberg One Picture Book #84: Polaroids from Haiti

Image of Jim Goldberg One Picture Book #84: Polaroids from Haiti


The photographs in Jim Goldberg’s contribution to our One Picture Book series, ‘Polaroids from Haiti’, were taken during a week in March of 2013, and depict Haitians dealing with their everyday struggles. Goldberg, who describes himself as a ‘documentary storyteller’, spent his time traveling throughout the country listening to and photographing Haitian life. The resulting images reflect the continuing challenges and undying spirit of this impoverished country, when the 2010 earthquake is still reverberating from every surface. "Polaroids from Haiti" is limited to 500 numbered copies, and includes an original signed Polaroid by Jim Goldberg.
Publisher: Nazraeli Press 2014
Format:Hardback, 1st edition with print
Book Dimensions: 5.75"x7.25''
Print approx size:3.25"x4.25"
ISBN-13: 978-1590053928